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Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you have a large holiday gift list? It seems that everyone made it on your list, even the person who delivers your morning paper. It is easier to find holiday gifts for your children or immediate family. But, what can you give those people on your list that you may not know as well? Here are some holiday gift ideas that are sure to be a hit.

Consider giving out gift baskets for your holiday gifts. If you really dont know the person well, food is always a good choice. Find a basket that has a good selection of chocolates, gourmet cheeses and crackers. If the recipient doesnt like the items, they can always serve them during a party.

Another great holiday gift idea is giving gift certificates from a store or restaurant. Is there a restaurant in your area that seems to be a local favorite? If so, that is probably a good bet for a gift. If you want to get someone a certificate to a store but dont know what he or she like, get one for a popular department store or consider a mall gift certificate.

If your gift list seems too long and too complicated, maybe you can host a gift swap party to help others simplify things. Just instruct people to bring a holiday gift that is a certain dollar amount ($25 seems to work out well for most people). Everyone brings a gift and then picks a number. When it is your turn, you choose a gift or you can swap for something that somebody may have already chosen. This can be a lot of fun.

Some of the best holiday gift ideas are homemade. Popular choices include homemade blankets, chocolates and kitchen culinary treats such as infused oils, liqueurs and canning jar-baking mixes. You can find recipes and instructions online, in craft books or in magazines.

So, with a little creativity, you can come up with some holiday gift ideas that appeal to a wide audience.

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