Holidays Vivian | 03 Feb 2011 11:13 pm

Holiday Spots: Traditional Holiday Celebrations, or Holiday Vacations

For some, the best holiday spot is at their own home and hearth. Thinking of holidays, like Christmas or Thanksgiving, brings to mind snow angels, scents of pine trees sparkling with glitter and lights, with family gathered to celebrate Yuletide traditions passed from generation to generation. With blended family units, and families tending to be spread far and near, more families, whether it is for large family celebrations, or small, intimate getaways, are spending holidays away from home, at holiday hot spots around the globe.

There are several vital considerations when planning the perfect holiday spot for your celebration. Do you live in an area where snow is an everyday event, leaving you with a yearning for a warm, sultry getaway filled with daytime lounges on sandy beaches, long walks beneath star filled skies, and the sound of the surf singing you to sleep each night, or do you long to spend a white Christmas away from home, bundling up, hitting the slopes, and then warming up with hot cocoa in front of a crackling fire?

The mountains of Colorado never fail to provide traditional white Christmas fans the perfect holiday spot. Rustic mountain cabins in places like Vermont also provide privacy, and all the amenities to enjoy the snow, scenery, and ski slopes. Places like Jamaica, Christmas Island, or a Caribbean get away, can make the cold, snowy weather at home seem an eternity away.
Whatever your decision, early planning is essential. Coordinate your plans with extended, or blended, family members, whether they are joining you at your chosen holiday spot, or plan to split the holidays to accommodate child visitation schedules, or other activities and celebrations. The best vacation dates and hottest holiday spots tend to be booked months in advance, so research by taking virtual tours, and consulting travel agents. Then choose the perfect holiday spot, and make all the arrangements early.

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