Holidays Vivian | 27 Nov 2010 04:13 pm

Home Decoration Ornaments Are the Personality of Your Tree

The tree is a splendid piece of nature shared in our homes from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The lights glow and the bulbs and ornaments are reflected off their spectacular color.

When you have the lights on your tree the ornaments give the completeness to fill the personality of your family. The wonderful ornaments made by your children kept as special mementos of child hood days. Special ornaments made by your grandchildren will add more completeness to your family tree. It is an easy thing to change the scheme of the tree by buying ornaments that suit your fancy.

When you are in college you find ornaments that reflect your school spirit. Getting older you might find a color and match all your ornaments to it. With the changing colors of the trees you might want to find ornaments that complement the tree.

Libraries are a good source as are the search engines to find ornaments to make for your tree. If you want to keep it simple you can make an ornament with tissue paper with candies inside that make a sweet nibble or treat for your visitors. The white ornament is simple and beautiful on a dark tree of green. This also shows up better during the day when the lights are not on.

There is always the standby of cranberries and popcorn to add to trees for the birds and squirrels outside if you move it after the holidays, to a place they can enjoy. With the option of using many trees that leaves the gambit wide open to decorate many ways. Adding a yearly ornament keeps your ornament box growing and keeps the memories of gone by days in your present for the holidays.

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