Parenting Vivian | 05 Jun 2011 05:39 am

How to Become Better Parents

All parents have the desire to be better parents to their children. There are no exact methods that are being used by parents as every family setting or household is different. However, below are some guidelines that parents can refer to in order to become better parents.

?Enforce limits, structure and rules
Studies show that children feel safe and secure when there are rules and structure in the home. Your children will learn about self-reliance and self-control. Therefore, do not be afraid to fix reasonable rules and limits in your home.

?Always be consistent
Once you have set the rules, stick to them. Do not change or bend the rules depending on your mood, the weather, a special occasion, etc. The rules you set should be consistent to prevent confusion. Remember to do what you say. Avoid saying one thing and doing another.

?b>Respect your child
Children learn from their parents and if the parents treat them respectfully, they will learn to be respectful towards others. Treat each child as an individual and do not compare him with others, even with his other siblings. Each of them should be encouraged to be himself and to pursue his own interests.

?b>There is nothing wrong with failure
Your children will encounter failure once in awhile. Do not be afraid to let them encounter failure, as this is part of life. Over protecting them will not do them any favor, as it will make them grow to be fearful or timid. Do not curb your children’s natural desire to learn and explore new things just because you want to prevent them from getting hurt. Your parenting role is to ensure their surroundings are safe and conducive for learning and growing.

These are the guidelines on how to become better parents. Applying the guidelines above will not guarantee that your children will grow up to become great adults. However, it will give you the satisfaction of having fulfilled your parenting responsibilities with the goal of becoming better parents.

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