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How to Build a Kite

A Kite consists of eight basic parts. First is the Spine, the vertical stick in which the kite is built around. Second is the Spar, the support stick that is placed crossways with the spine. Third is the Frame, which is the assembled spine and spars that is considered the skeleton of the kite. Fourth is the Cover. This may be made up of plastic, paper or cloth. This is considered the skin of the kite. Fifth part is the Bridle, which are strings attached to the spine or spars. The bridle aids in controlling the kite. Sixth part is the flying line. This is the long string attached to the bridle and held to fly the kite. Seventh part is the tail. The tail is a long strip of paper or roll of ribbon that aids in balancing the kite. Eight part is the Reel. This is where the flying line is wound up.

The materials needed in making a kite are:

a.thin garden twine or butcher cord
b.glue or scotch tape
c.a sheet of strong 102cm x 102cm paper
d.two sticks of bamboo or wooden doweling with a length of 90cm and 102cm
e.markers, paint or crayons

First step is to assemble the two sticks. The longer stick is the spine while the shorter stick is the spar. The two sticks should make a cross. Tie the two sticks together and make sure that the angles form 90 degrees.

Second step is attaching strings to the frame so that the kite assumes a diamond shape. Cut notches on the end of the sticks. This will make sure that the strings are secure. Tie one long string on the edges the sticks starting from the top, right, bottom, left and going back to the top. Make sure that the lines are tight enough but not so tight that the sticks bend.

Third step is attaching the skin to the skeleton. Place the sheet of paper in a flat surface. Put the skeleton over the sheet of paper. Cut the sheet of paper to assume the shape of the diamond kite. Make sure that there is a two to three centimeter margin from the strings of the frame. Fold this margin over the strings using glue or tape.

Fourth step is attaching the bridle. A string with a length of 122 centimeters where one end is tied at the bottom of the spine and the other end tied just above the intersection of the spine and spar.

Fifth step is attaching the tail. Cut a ten-centimeter long ribbon and attach it at the bottom of the spine.

Last step is attaching the flying line. Tie one end of the flying line at the middle of the bridle. Make sure that it does not move up and down the bridle.

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