Pregnancy Vivian | 21 Jun 2011 02:52 pm

How to Conceive a Boy – 5 Tips to Naturally Increase Your Chances of Conceiving a Baby Boy

Many couples want to learn how to conceive a boy and today there are many natural methods that can increase those chances. While there are medical procedures such as artificial insemination, they tend to be extremely costly. Natural gender selection methods combined can be just as effective and best of all, cost nothing to implement. Here are 5 tips to naturally increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

1. The woman must know her menstrual cycle – This will enable the couple to accurately determine when ovulation will occur. The best way of determining this is by keeping track of the cycle for a few months and to use ovulation testing strips.

2. Time intercourse on the day of ovulation – This is extremely important as making love on the day of ovulation creates a reproductive environment that’s favorable to conceiving a boy. Ovulation prediction kits can be used and are fairly accurate.

3. Encourage deeper penetration intercourse – The sexual position matters a great deal as placing the sperm as close to the cervix as possible is best. Rear entry positions are generally the most effective in depositing the sperm far away from the entrance.

4. The woman should orgasm – Making the woman orgasm helps create an environment that is more alkaline which is ideal for the male sperm. This will also enable the sperm carrying the male gene to reach and fertilize the egg quickly.

5. Monitor vaginal pH levels – Acidic environments are extremely hostile to the male sperm where they do not stand a chance. Increase alkaline levels by consuming foods high in potassium and sodium. In addition, be sure to use testing strips to monitor the pH levels.

These are just some of the natural methods that couples can utilize to increase their chances of conceiving a boy. Be sure to use these tips in combination with each other for maximum effect.

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