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How to Get Rid of Torpedo Grass

Torpedo grass is the most common and most difficult to get rid of weed that can grow in your garden or lawn, but if you follow these basic tips your lawn and garden will be torpedo grass free.

The most simple and inexpensive method of getting rid of the annoying grass is by digging it out. Using your everyday shovel or weed popper will aid you in ridding your lawn of the grass. When using a shovel or weed popper make sure you don’t come into contact or shake around the sprouted part of the plant, doing this will spread out more torpedo grass seeds and result in germination all over your yard.

The alternative to doing the back breaking labor of digging out the weeds is to spray them with herbicides. This method is best used when you lawn is completely overrun with the grass and digging it out one weed at a time is too unreasonable. To make sure this method takes be sure to spray your lawn with the herbicide at least twice a year for a couple of years. This will make sure the persistent reoccurring weeds die off effectively.

Now in the extreme case that your lawn is nothing but torpedo grass which may occur if left unattended for a long period of time you have the option of tearing up your current lawn and relaying fresh sod. This procedure is only to be done if your yard is overrun to the point where one cannot walk without stepping on the grass.

If you have an infestation somewhere in between the basic couple of weeds and the extreme whole yard coverage you have the alternative method which combines the digging of the grass with a herbicide. What happens is once you dig up the torpedo grass you can spray that area with a lighter herbicide such as Round Up. This will assure that no torpedo grass will survive.

Overall if you are suffering from this overgrown weed there are several methods to follow that will completely eradicate it, just be sure to follow through with each method till the end!

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