Parenting Vivian | 01 Oct 2010 07:52 am

How to Get Your Child to Behave Well – 3 Tips For Parents!

Getting your child to behave well is more complicated then spanking him every time he is doing something bad! The disciplining has to start early and have to be grounded on very healthy and loving relationship with the kid! Here I want to give you few tips on how you can improve your child’s behavior easy and fast! Let’s start!

Setting the limits is the basic thing to do, but most parents do it wrong and get no results. I know than giving a punishment to your little angel can be sometimes heart breaking – I am a mother myself and I went through this too! But you must do it and you have to be very consistent about it. If you decide that for throwing stuff around the punishment is one hour without TV – make sure that every time he deserves it you will turn the TV off! Even if it will happen 2 times at the same day! By being consistent you will teach him what are the consequences of a bad behavior!

Don’t use heavy punishments because although they work, they have a lot of other bad effects you don’t want. The punishment is there to teach him a lesson – not to scare him! If your child is afraid of you then you have to think a lot about the methods you are using! A scared child will turn into very unconfident, angry and aggressive with the time!

Make sure he understands what a good behavior is – and the only way to teach him is to encourage it! Try to catch him doing something positive and then give him a lot of hugs and kisses to show him that he made you happy! Researches show that it works much better and also faster then punishments!

I hope you understand that it won’t take a day and you have to be a little patient, but finally it pays of! Good luck to you!

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