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How to Make and Sell Baby Quilts

If you have made and given baby quilts as gifts, chances are that you have given some thought to selling baby quilts.

Making and selling baby quilts is a legitimate business and it can be as big or as small, as part time or as full time as you would like. If you have had some complements on your baby quilt creations and want to turn those kudos into profits, you have some options.

If you want to customize baby quilts, place inexpensive classified ads in your area newspapers. It doesn’t need to be wordy, just enough to get customers to call you. Something like: “Your nursery. Your colors. Your custom baby quilt. Phone #.” Then, you can quote customers on a personalized theme. Advertising does not have to be expensive. Take advantage of free online ads and free community bulletin boards in your neighborhood stores.

Another way to start selling baby quilts is to make your creations and sell them as is. That means you will not work one on one with a customer to design a quilt based on their theme or color schemes…and there’s nothing wrong with that! You will make the quilts you want to make, then offer them for sale.

To create truly marketable products, you will need to know current trends in colors and themes for nurseries. B ready to change to the next trend. It might be brown and turquoise for girls and camo and black for boys instead of traditional pinks and blues.

You could sell your pre-made quilts several ways. Try selling at a craft fair or baby expo. You could rent space at a flea market or consignment shop, and could even set up a roadside stand as long as it’s not infringing on local solicitation laws. Think about working out a selling agreement with local hospital gift shops.

If you want to sell baby quilts in a craft fair type setting but there isn’t one scheduled for ages, put together your own mini craft fair. Invite other craftspeople from your area to join in (maybe even charge them a small rental fee to have a table or booth). Advertise it and wait for the customers to show up! If you plan this type of selling arrangement shortly before holidays or as part of another community event (like a local festival or holiday open house), you should receive good traffic.

You can also sell baby quilts through online auctions. Some auction sites, like eBay, allow the seller to establish a “store.” With an eBay store, you could sell ready made baby quilts or advertise your custom baby quilt creations… or both.

Once you see your baby quilt business taking off, consider expanding to sell quilted other accessories, like quilted roll-up nap mats, small pillows, matching quilted wall hangings and other quilted d閏or. No matter how you choose to start selling baby quilts, consider adding the possibility of personalizing them. An embroidered name in the corner adds an extra special touch and gives you another income opportunity as long as you have an embroidery machine. Charge an additional $10 to $20 to add a name. Small embroidery machines do not have to cost much. If getting one is out of your budget, connect with a local embroiderer to have the work done for you.

Package your finished product by rolling or folding and securing with ribbon and a simple bow. Now, you are ready to start selling baby quilts.

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