Holidays Vivian | 09 Jun 2011 07:39 am

How to Overcome Thanksgiving Blues

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that brings loved ones together and it’s a time to be grateful for all that you have but what if you’re not feeling so grateful this Thanksgiving?

I’ve listened to many people confide they feel guilty for not being grateful. Cut yourself some slack. One lady I know, let’s call her Doreen is on disability. Due to her husband being unable to get a job in the economic downturn, her disability check has had to be used as rent money. When you are in a situation like this, it’s understandable to feel low.

Did you know that as the Holidays approach suicide increases? I say this not to focus on doom and gloom but because I encourage you to become aware of co-workers, family and friends who may be suffering beneath the surface.

People are scared to be vulnerable because they think it makes them look weak. That just isn’t true. Vulnerability takes courage. When you reveal your true feelings, you not only empower yourself; you help people around you heal also. You will emanate an aura of peace that will soothe people’s souls.

For years, I was in a relationship with a man who believed that looking at pain and negative inner feelings attracted more of them. I took on that belief and when I was suffering I pretended everything was okay until I was broken. I didn’t reach out for help and because of that, I lost everything. I encourage you to look beneath the surface of positive thinking. It’s not as clear cut as you think. Don’t walk the dangerous ground I walked upon.

It is healthy to get quiet and go inwards and allow yourself to feel because this releases your past pains and insecurities. Keep doing your affirmations like, “I am grateful” but also allow yourself to be REAL. That is the greatest gift you have to give yourself.

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