Parenting Vivian | 26 Sep 2010 08:26 am

How To Raise Teens Who Won’t Rebel

Rebellions get nothing except destruction of their future as well as their strong relations. Teens and youths are the assets for the nations, and the country’s developments and future lies in the hands of youth.

Personality development of their child should be the primary focus of the parents. Though society, educational environment, cultural, ethical and religion values plays an important role in the personality development, but children need special love and care from their parents. It is saying “Love begets love” certainly if parents love and care about his child, naturally child will also response in positive manner.

Isolation, underestimation, breaking laws, rude and irresponsible behaviour of the parents, teachers or guardians are strives for the teens to be a rebel. Healthy environment, proper treatment and education, special love and care of the parents let the teens to be responsible.

To raise the responsibility of the Teens is a challenge. Here are some steps which will help the parents in the personality developments and opportunities of the developing responsible behaviour of their teens.

1.Teens often repeat what they learn from their elders. So, the actions and thinking of the parents must convey a positive role in the society to their teens.

2.Gentle words cost nothing but the pleasure and impact it gives to others are everlasting. Parents need to use gentle and kind words along with the kind behaviour with their teens. In this way teens not only feel the love for him but also he/she will develop the same character as they are treating with.

3.Brain Construction is another positive step who helps the parents to make their teen’s behaviour responsible and in the character and personality development of the teens. Creative discussion in home with other family members in the presence of their teens, providing opportunity to them in the participation in the discussion, taking ideas from them with pros and cons on any social topic are the events which enhance the capability of understanding of the teens and feel them as a responsible figure for the home and society both.

4.Motivation and appreciation to the teens for their progressive actions lead them for further achievements in life. Guidance and push up from parents are considered to be a role model in the social life. Responsible behaviour of the teen should be praised in order to motivate them for carry on such positive activities, and with the passage of time it becomes habit for them.

5.Social conscious character must be shown by the parents to their teens. Unsocial activities must be avoided in front of teens. Exposure of sexual relations, use of drugs must be avoided in front of teens, the mental level of the teens is not mature, it can badly damage the personality and may lead activation of negative thinking of the teen.

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