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How to Start Collecting Coins

Collecting coins is growing in popularity, and the recent global economic crisis has people talking about coins more than ever. Scan the pages of your local or national newspaper and you will see many stories about investing in gold and silver coins.

Whether you collect them for economic reasons as protection against inflation, because you have an interest in history, or for investment purposes hoping to sell them for more than you purchased them for, coin collecting is a relaxing hobby that is enjoyed by young kids and their grandparents alike.

Many avid collectors began as children. I can remember my first penny folder I was given by my parents as a Christmas present. Every day for hours I would spend reading about my collection and organizing it, activities that I still enjoy today. While my collection has grown, my enjoyment from it is as strong today as it was the first time I set eyes on my penny collection.

Getting started in collecting coins is easy, and does not require a huge budget. It is easy to start out small, and grow your collection over time. Starting small is a great way to get kids involved in the hobby at a young age. Giving your kids a gift of a penny folder for a birthday or Christmas present is an idea for getting them interested in this hobby that will last a lifetime.

Once you have decided to begin a coin collection, your first question is probably “where can I purchase my coins? There are many ways to beginning purchase coins. Many resources are available on the internet, which is a bottomless pit of information. Your best bet for finding coins and information, however, might be to do things the old fashioned way and locate a coin dealer in your local area.

A coin dealer buys and sells coins. Often they will specialize in a certain type, but even if they do not specialize in the type of coins you are interest in they are sure to have contacts that will. Again, you can use the internet to locate coin dealers in your area, or try looking in your local yellow pages or in your Sunday paper.

Auctions and coin show are another greatest source for coins. Besides being a lot of fun to attend, they are a great source of information if you are just starting out. You are likely to find the full breadth of coins depending on the size of the show, in some cases dealers will travel across the country or from another country to attend. If you are interested in coins I encourage you to find a quality coin show to attend.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to start a coin collection, it is a great hobby to become involved with and do by yourself or share with your kids. Getting started is easy, and whether you want a large collection and want it fast, or want to start out small and slowly grow your collection, you will find this hobby a fun and relaxing way to spend your time.
Coin collecting is gaining in popularity.營t is a great pastime for both young and old.

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