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How to Successfully Apply an Iron on T-shirt Transfer (Hints and Tips)

I have been making T-shirts using irons on transfers for years and, eventually, I started my own business doing it. Nowadays I have industrial equipment which provides a higher quality finish than is possible using a traditional iron to apply the transfers. But during my years as a hobbyist, I have developed a few golden rules which I would think will provide some value to anyone about to embark upon the mission of creating your very own custom T-Shirt.

1. WAIT for the Iron to heat up for a good 15 mins.

2. NEVER slide the iron across the transfer as it will probably smudge

3.Do not over press and burn.

4. Always use a 100% cotton t-shirt.

5. Experiment with the transfer paper beforehand, you will find that thicker paper will take more pressure and a thinner paper will show banding if pressed to hard.

6. Wait for the transfer to cool down before you move it.

I know it seems obvious but, make sure you use a hard flat surface that is free of dirt and dust.

Some other tips I think worth mentioning are:

1. Remove your t-shirts from the washer IMMEDIATELY after washing.

2. Make sure you wash the t-shirt BEFORE you apply the transfer (because it will shrink when you do) .

3. Iron the area to have the transfer applied before application, then ruffle gently with hand, keep it flat but try to raise the fibers of the fabric.

4. When you apply the transfer, apply pressure with the iron, a patch at a time, for about 7 seconds, and then move to the next patch, make sure you get the edges.

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