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Ideas For Serving Appetizers in Style

When you are planning a party, one of the most important things to remember about serving food is the way it is presented is just as equally important as the quality. While having deliciously prepared and flavorful party appetizers will likely leave your guests feeling satisfied, an elegant or unique presentation can bring you many more compliments.

There are endless options and varieties for different ways you can serve your favorite appetizer recipes at your next celebration or event. Below are some creative serving dish ideas to use:

Martini Glasses: Martini glasses are popular cocktail glasses that can be found and obtained easily at most retailers or online. Serving shrimp carefully arranged on the edge of the glass can immediately give your party an elegant feel as guests will feel like they are eating gourmet foods. You can place a variety of things in these unique serving dishes, such as an antipasto salad of cheeses, olives, pepperoni, and grape tomatoes.

Shot Glasses: Whether you use standard sized or double sized shot glasses, these can also make a bold statement for serving up your favorite party snacks and finger foods. Multiple layered dishes, such as fruit and yogurt custard or even something as simple as strawberries drizzled with chocolate candy topping can seem like a culinary masterpiece when served in shot glasses.

Cutting Boards: If you are serving cheese and crackers or bread and dip. a nice wooden cutting board can give it a natural and flavorful appeal. Choosing a board with nice wood grain and natural color compliments the color of the cheeses and breads quite well.

Chocolate Fountain: A chocolate fountain is another way to create an impressive display with food. They can be purchased rather inexpensively, or they can often be rented or supplied by a catering company. Serving fresh fruit and other favorites with skewers to be dipped can all help with making it a beautiful and attractive centerpiece for your party or event.

Decorative Bowls: Many bowls are available that can be used in a variety of different ways. A decorative crystal punch bowl filled with fresh fruit and a homemade punch recipe can be quite appealing and stunning way to serve beverages. You can also use different textures and styles to jazz up the most simple of things, such as a bowl of tortilla chips and dip.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding new ways to serve and enjoy appetizer recipes with your guests. With a little creativity, you’ll be amazed at how elegant the most simple of foods can seem with the right presentation strategy.

M. Stein is a freelance writer who loves food and cooking. For more great party recipes and tips, you may enjoy her articles on Appetizers & Snacks.

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