Gardening Vivian | 30 Dec 2010 11:00 am

Ideas to Start A Herb Garden

Herbs are a very good attraction if added to your garden. Apart from this they also give your garden a very nice fragrance. Also, you can put them to good use in adding taste to the food you cook as well as for the therapeutic benefits that they provide you.

There is a very large number of herbs which you can choose from. There is the edible kind like Basil and Oregano. There are also herbs which can be used in medicine. These include lavender and chamomile. It is completely up to you to choose the herbs which you want to grow. I suggest you research the different herbs to start herb garden planning.

There are quite a few herbs that grow very easily and which flourish without much maintenance. Also, there are quite a few varieties of herbs from which you can choose. You will not have much problem in finding a few that you will be able to grow comfortably in your garden. You can use these herbs to create borders around the flowers you grow or in the center of a rock garden as well as to add a little variety to your container garden.

Herbs are very versatile as well. They can be grown outside during summer and you can shift them inside during the cold months. You should plant the herbs outside during summer although you can choose to start herb garden designs indoors at any time during the year. All you need to ensure is that they get sufficient sunlight. There are quite a few people who move their herbs outside during summer so that they can improve the yield they get from them.

There are others that like to get head starts on their garden and they do this by planting the seeds inside their houses during late winter. But, before you consider doing this you should ensure that the varieties that you have chosen can be easily transplanted without causing any harm. Herbs can be planted in any sunny location outside.

They can thrive in a vegetable garden as well as a small corner in your yard. They can be planted in rows or in patterns that help you to add aromatic beauty to your landscape. Before you begin planting the herbs though you should ensure that the area where you wish to plant them gets enough sunlight regularly. Also, you should ensure that the herbs are not planted in swampy locations. You should also remember that if you are going to be using the herbs for cooking then you should plant the herbs near your kitchen so that they can be accessed easily.

You should be careful as every herb is not suitable to every climate. Nonetheless, all of them grow quite easily and do not have any such problems irrespective of the zone in which they are grown. If you are not sure of the type of herbs that will survive in your region, you should talk to various local garden centers near your house. They will be able to help you choose the herbs that thrive the most in your region and give you the ideas to start herb garden planning.

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