Parenting Vivian | 25 Aug 2010 12:39 am

If You Only Knew

Spring break is all about teenagers and parties. Faith never attended a “real” party ’till爏he was about 26 years old! Not all teens and young adults live sheltered lives growing up.?Many teens love having parties when their parents were away, oh yea. If only their parents saw what they were doing and what all was going on. Teens need guidance, correction and support to help make them better燼dults.?Even爂uidance with燾areer choices.牋
?br>Faith’s friend Racquel爓anted her to enter a fashion show with her. After constant pleading with爃er dad for weeks beforehand, he finally let爃er go through with it.?Well,燜aith’s friend was chosen to do a photo shoot for a local shop,燼nd she爓as the only girl chosen for Wal-Mart. Now as a teen,爏he was so embarrassed to have been the only one chosen by Wal-Mart that爏he turned them down! Looking back at this as an adult,燜aith realizes that could’ve been the start of a fun, extremely profitable, and exciting modeling career.燬he really wished her parents had encouraged her爐o accept it.燜aith can only imagine the life爏he could’ve had. Sometimes teens need to have an adult explain to them why something can be right for them.
?br>Faith爃as a couple of friends that had kids too soon in their lives,?friends that started smoking and have been living a long battle trying to quit.燬he’s had friends that started drinking and had alcohol ruin their relationships and lives because of their addiction. Last but not least, she’s had friends that were into all kinds of drugs, and some that have died because of it, living a very short life.
?br>Well now, there is a way, thanks to modern technology, for parents to see just exactly what is going on behind their backs. For the safety of their kids and homes, a hidden camera can see it all!?Faith’s爃ad several of爃er friends tell her they wish that they had a bit more guidance and direction from their elders when they were growing up.?Her and爃er husband have hid a boyfriend/girlfriend in爐heir closets once or twice! Guiding teens is?important. A Built-In DVR hidden neon wall clock camera is an excellent choice to help you see what you normally can’t. We have several others to choose from. Check them out today!
?br>Yours In Safety,
?br>Regina Jacques

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