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Incomplete Duration of Pregnancy

As a rule, a future mother imagines her babys birth in all details. And of course, after complete 9 months. Any violation of assumed march of events involves panic and can even cause depression. This is quite understandable, taking into account the fact that some future mothers find themselves in a labour ward right after their working place, and others ?literally in the first days of a maternity leave.

Most often, pre-natal infections and anhormonia of a womans organism serve as a reason for premature birth (when a baby is born on the term less than 37 complete weeks of pregnancy). Therere also reasons of psychological character: when a woman feels stress or negative emotional loads constantly. You shouldnt also ignore a future mothers age (you should be especially careful, if youre under 18 or after 30 years), her weight (if its less than 45 kg) and small height (under 150 cm). Women with smoking habit are also in a risk-group. It wont be good too, if a father smokes.

A womans gynaecological past is also important:

- abortion,

- numerous miscarriages,

- pregnancy, coming soon after preceding childbirth.

- abortion,- numerous miscarriages,- pregnancy, coming soon after preceding childbirth.

According to statistics, a risk of premature birth is high for future mothers, working during the whole period of pregnancy. Especially, if duration of a working week is more than 40 hours, and professional duties are connected with frequent and long business-trips or trips.

A future mother should treat her pregnancy with great responsibility, so that childbirth would take place in time. This means she has to pass through all necessary medical examinations yet before conception, and if necessary, cure all possible urogenital infections, which can provoke fetus contamination and, accordingly, premature birth. Not to mention that she has to use her maternity leave for sure, as it was arranged especially for her.

What if a baby is still born in incomplete 9 months?

In this case, a young mother should blame herself for this on no account. At least, because of the fact that ecological situation (density of population, general organism weakening etc.) may be the reason for premature birth. And we cannot lay claims to it.

However, the main thing for a woman in such situation ?is to pay all her attention to the solution of troubles, connected with a babys health and arrangement of good terms with a medical staff, taking care of her baby. Its not wishful to sink into depression, as a baby feels his mothers mood very well, as her negative will hardly help him adapting to new conditions. Even if you cannot hold your baby, your tender strokes and words will be of great benefit for him.

Remember: he needs your presence, like oxygen. Even in that case, when hes put into couveuse or a special incubator ?a heat-apparatus, where you can assign temperature and humidity, close to endometrial atmosphere at most. Dont panic, when you see lines and sensors, connected up to your baby, – all these measures are directed on your babys soonest recovery and development.

By the way, if a baby was born prematurely, doctors may feed him using a probe during first time, as such new-born babies often have no coordination between sucking and swallowing, and milk also comes to a mother later in such cases. A mother will be able to put her baby to her breast on 5-7th day, as a rule.

However, these are not most unpleasant moments, which a young mother should be worried of. Her main anxieties, of course, will be connected with further health problems of a baby. The matter is, that the less time a baby spends in a mothers belly, the more often hell suffer from respiratory distress. Lungs open not enough, and edema syndrome may appear. Retinal damage is often met among premature children, who were born earlier than on 32 week of pregnancy, regardless of their weight. Retinal damage quite often leads to ablepsia. Ablepsia can be easily prevented under timely treatment. Thats why premature babies under 2 months should be examined by oculist without fail.

In order to make a hospital atmosphere close to a home one at most, bring a babys cloth and toys from home (having agreed this with doctors beforehand); ask doctors to permit you staying with your baby as much longer and even hold him. You shouldnt be shy to apply for doctors asking about additional information on this subject and observe their advices impeccably, in order to know all pluses and minuses of your babys development. And of course, believe everything will be ok, and youll leave hospital with your absolutely healthy baby in the nearest time.

Vlad Luchkin,

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