Parenting Vivian | 04 Feb 2011 04:52 pm

Inspiring Or Controlling Our Children – Raising Children With Love

I myself was a product of a child brought up in a Christian home, even though I would not consider my parents strong Christians. Both of my parents did what they believed was right and raised me and my siblings to the best of their ability. I sincerely believe my mother and father did the best they could with the information they had available at the time.

Were my parents inspiring me to become a better person, morally with discipline and obedience, or were they manipulating me to become a better person through religion and schooling. As children we don’t have a lot of free will and as adults it seems like we have even less, the more we become controlled by our government, religion, family, friends or even our workplace, where we seem to spend most of our waking hours.

I believe we need to inspire our children through education and as a good parental example. This means we need to quit telling our children what to do and how to act and start doing so ourselves. Just because you go to church or your place of worship, does not make you a good person.

Manipulating our children with religion and raising them as products of our society, is often like farmers raising animals to have their lives sacrificed for others to benefit from. The minute we raise our children to fit into society, instead of questioning it, we are basically surrendering our free will and fitting into society to follow the laws and guidelines created by our governments.

Whenever someone in America says they are free, or this is the land of the free, I often look around at the people who have very little say in the lives they lead. Sure you get to choose whether you want to buy an ice cream or take a walk down the street but we are still blinded by the control placed upon us by our society.

I don’t believe our children benefit from manipulation and control. I feel our children would do better if we acted as stewards towards them instead of owners. I have always viewed my children as individuals and often guided them through inspiration instead of manipulation.

I’m not asking you to let your children run wild through the grocery stores, raise your children with guidance and discipline but don’t impose your will or beliefs upon them, we often do more damage in the long run creating a race of followers instead of thinkers. It seems like spoiled children become menaces to society eventually.

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