Parenting Vivian | 07 Dec 2010 03:00 am

Just Gotta Be Mii

It’s August, and if you’re in business (and a parent), you’ve seen your kids play a lot of video games. I’ve seen the Wii, (which is a video game system with motion sensitive controls that allow you to imitate an actual activity, like virtual reality). I am concerned that because of this game, kids are starting to think they’re pretty good at almost everything. They can be experts at tennis, bowling and guitar because the Wii says so. So, to help future generations (and all of us in business), I am creating a new game called “Wii-Business.” This game will help our young people be ready for the world of work. Let me know if you think it will sell.

Wii Business: Level One. To master the first level, you must complete Wii Dress Code and Wii Time Clock. Using the Wii remote, create your Mii (A computer generated character that resembles you) based on criteria set by your new employer. Tattoos and long hair? No way. Find a suit and tie. For the ladies, no midriffs, multiple earrings or open toed shoes! If you make a mistake and show up to work in flip flops and a tongue ring? Game over.

With Wii Time Clock, you have to set your alarm with enough time to shower, shampoo, shine and eat breakfast. By using the Wii remote as a steering wheel, beat the traffic in order to show up by 8 a.m. Late? Clock out before 5p.m.? Game over.

If you complete Level One, you can advance to the next level, which lets you start your first job.

Level Two: Wii Work. You have several options for your first job. You can work at a: 1) Fast Food Restaurant, 2) Gas Station, or 3) Office.

Wii Fast Food: Use the innovative Wii remote to simulate flipping of burgers and working the cash register. Can’t flip or add fast enough while satisfying the customers? Game over.

Wii Gas Station Attendant: The Wii remote acts as your gas pump. Experience the exiting action of angry customers who blame you for high gas prices, while expecting fantastic service. Clean a window? Get bonus points.

Wii Receptionist: In this game you win by answering as many calls as possible, by using the Wii remote as a phone. Customers will also visit in person and you will have to answer difficult questions. Can’t multi-task? Miss a call from the CEO? Game over.

The best part about this game is it lasts eight whole hours! Children are allowed two 15 minute breaks and one hour lunch. Can’t handle the pressure? Game over.

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