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Knitting With More Than One Color Detailed Instruction

If your first style of knitting is the ECU style and you are working with 2 colors, it is feasible to carry both colors on the left hand. Often this technique is called true Fair Isle. This is the style that originated on an island between Scotland and Norway.

Using this style the knitter can simply carry the 2 colors over the left index finger, using or choosing the right color when it is needed. Infrequently it can be hard to keep the 2 colors separate, whether you use your right or left hand.

There’s a tool that may be acquired, known as a Yarn Guide that may aid in keeping the 2 colors apart. It can be employed on either hand with the same result.

There’s another strategy known as Scandinavian Knitting which mixes both the left and the right hand for effective and fast 2 color knitting. For this strategy to work successfully it is awfully vital to make certain you have arranged your yarn, keeping each color ball separate, one on your left side and the other on the right.

If you’re a right handed person or feel more comfy holding things in your right hand, this is the hand that should carry your principal color. Instead of having to choose the correct color using the same hand, it becomes a lot quicker to work forwards and backwards between two hands.

At first you will feel a little clumsy but this can reduce and ultimately vanish soon after you have worked with the process a number of times. To make a neat work at the rear by securing loose strands (floats), consider the chance of ‘wrapping’ both colors as you go.

With wrapping there are really two frequently used methods. The first of these is for those folks that are following a pattern that needs more than 2 stitches of the same color, from the left hand.

Pretend that you are knitting from the right hand, and without basically knitting it, wrap the right hand color round the needle, as if you were going to knit it. Then with the right hand needle, pick up the color in the left hand. Uncover your right hand color, bringing the left color stitch through at the same time. Don’t weave 2 stitches in a row. Put a standard stitch between, or this technique won’t work.

If you’re using the same pattern but with your right hand, complete the first stitch as you would typically. Then weave the subsequent stitch. Place your needle into the stitch and under the left hand yarn, and then continue to knit your stitch as normal. What you have effectively done here is to lift the left hand color over the right.

As mentioned earlier the art of knitting with more than one color isn’t overly complicated, but a basic understanding of the key beliefs is counseled before venturing into this creative enlargement of your talents.

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