Parties Vivian | 26 Apr 2011 12:52 am

Know All About Hen Party Stuff

Wedding celebrations include a lot of traditional ceremonies. One of the much awaited traditions is Hen party on the bride’s side and bachelor’s party on the groom’s side. Though bachelor party has been in the news for quite some time hen party on the bride’s side is also catching up.

But making any party a hit is a very difficult task, especially when it is something like hen’s party where the guests are all out to have fun. It is quite a task to meet their expectations.

First of all it is very important to get the guests into the party mood. Having a theme for the party is a good idea to get all the guests excited even before the party starts. The theme can be anything and people can dress up like they do in Halloween fancy dress parties. One can easily get these dresses from various stores that cater to the Halloween parties.

After getting your guests dressed up for the party, the other very important thing is creating an atmosphere which helps the guests loosen up and have fun. For this one can include various drinking games which will help people loosen up and set the environment for the rest of the party. Serving it with the help of a game will also help people get that adrenaline rush which people get when they are all excited to win a game. One can also have it in the form of naughty dares.

Karaoke hire is another thing you can do to increase the fun quotient at your hen party. Here people sing with the background music of a song. Lyrics of the song are displayed on the karaoke screen. You can play this game also in the form of a competition where every guest can try their singing skills and the person who does it best can get a karaoke hen of the evening title or any other interesting title which you may create yourself.

One can also include stag activities in their hen party. These are as it is quite a favorite among the hen party activities. Since it is common at all the hen parties, you can do it with a twist. Mix it up with the famous game of kissing the donkey and see your guests already raving about your party with excitement. All the players can form a circle and use a bottle as the substitute for the donkey. The circle should be formed with one guy and one girl then again a guy and this is the pattern to be followed. Now every player has to kiss the bottle on a different place imagining it to be human body and announce the name of the body part loud. After everybody has finished kissing, the real twist can be announced and hat is now asking the guests to kiss the person sitting on their right at the same place where they kissed the bottle. This is a very naughty game and the guests should be daring enough. Think of more such activities and make your hen party, a party of your lifetime.

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