Babies-Toddler Vivian | 31 Mar 2011 08:39 am

Large Baby Gates – For Special Situations

Gates for babies are very essential for protecting your kid from getting into danger zones of your home. But there is a good probability that you do not find a baby gate that fits into the wider spaces of your house or stairs. There is no need to worry if such is the case as there is a wide range of wide gates available in the market. Most of the common barrier gates do not fit into the stairways that are wide. Though one can put up the fence model to block extra wide areas, these models are very flimsy to offer the required protection for wide hallways or stairs.

Large baby gates have been designed specially for wide hallways and stairs to offer maximum security. The wider gates have all the standard features of a normal one and have additional structural strength as add on feature that would provide maximum security. It is advisable not to fit the small gates that can be extended for fitting into wider places and fit wide one designed specially for this purpose. The normal gate which has the option of being extended can turn out to be very unsecured and flimsy. It is also wise not to invest on gate that might just fall apart when your active toddler leans or applies pressure on them.

When you are on the look out for baby gates that are wide ensure that you choose the perfect size that fits into the stairway for maximum protection. These gates can either be hardware mounted or pressure mounted. Gates that are pressure mounted are best for spaces between rooms, stairway bottoms and hallways. Whereas gates that are hardware mounted are best for the top of stairways as they are stable and give maximum protection.

While choosing a Large baby gate, ensure that they are made from excellent quality materials. The most secured models are the ones that have slats placed vertically with minimal spacing between them so as to prevent the child from being stuck. Make sure that the model is designed in such way so as to enable convenient walking. Also check if the latch system enables smooth and easy release. These gates must have easy installation and must confirm with all the safety standards.

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