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Learn How to Cut Baby’s Hair Yourself

If you would rather not go to the salon for your baby’s first haircut, then good news, you can simply cut your baby’s hair in the comfort of your own house. Select a period of the day when your baby is most agreeable for having a haircut.

Whether or not this is first thing in the morning or later in the day, ensure you avoid giving a haircut when your baby is fussy. Seat your youngster in a high chair or booster seat and drape a cape or towel over his shoulders. If you do not have a seat, have a relative or friend hold your baby in her lap. You can also consider toys or a DVD to distract him during the haircut.

Spray the water delicately on her hair. If your youngster doesn’t enjoy the spraying water, simply wet the brush under a tap or spray the brush with the water bottle. Brush the hair to get rid of any tangles. To cut the bangs, take a section of hair between 2 fingers, running the fingers down to the point at which you want to cut.

The fingers act as a guide so you can make a straight cut across. Continue this process with the following section of hair.

Talk to your baby to provide delicate support and positive strengthening in the haircut. Cut the hair at the rear and sides of the head by employing the method revealed in step four, taking sections of wet hair and running your fingers down to lead the cutting.

Tips & Alerts:

Babies are unpredictable when it comes to haircuts, so follow your kid’s cues while you are cutting his hair. If he becomes fidgety, it’s best to stop the cutting for the day, or you may finish up with unacceptable results or a sad baby.

Don’t forget to save a clipping of your youngster’s hair for a baby book or scrapbook. A sample of those first locks is all too precious.

Use caution with scissors around your youngster. Any unexpected movements could result in a cut to his face, head or neck. It may help to have somebody available to look after your youngster and supply distractions while you are cutting.

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