Parties Vivian | 06 Apr 2011 09:39 am

Lets Get Ready to Party – From the Girls Night Out Expert

A Girls Night Out is often similar to a regular night out with women friends but the focus is more on spending quality time with friends and is probably more “full on.” Drinking and pubs and bars are common place and now there are even shows and clubs to cater for “The Girls Night Out.” There has been lots of chat in the papers about the ladette culture growing today where girls are constantly under pressure to keep up with there male counterparts antics .

Girls Night In!!!
The least common type of hen night party is labelled the Girls Night In. These parties take place in one location, and resemble a girls’ slumber party in which a group of women meet at someones home, usually a maximum of 10, and eat, drink, play games and tell stories. The girls night in tends to be where one or more of the guests is under 18 and is unable to attend a club. It could be a great time to hire a stripogram and spend some quality time with friends. Remember girls demonstrate their friendship through sharing fun times with one another!

Bridal Shower
A Bridal Shower is an American term for the hen night, normally exchanging gifts, and in the parents home and a party of usually all females give the bride to be a slightly more subtle send off.. this is usually because they are held the night before so being tied to a lamp post and left in Budapest is not such an ideal party game (however some bachelor parties or stag nights might in this way).

Ladies Like to look at a gorgeous man, but there’s more to stripping than getting your kit off, you have to be able to smile and enjoy what you are doing.

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