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List of Baby Names

In the last 6 months, I have discussed a lot about List of baby names with Nicole(My Colleague who will have a baby soon).

Nicole has been pregnant for 5 months and she has struggling with her first baby names for 5 months as well:)

Since I am not that busy during that time, so I start to find some resource for Nicole.

Firstly, I found a top list of baby names from internet.

Top 10 Boys Names for 2006

1 Jack

2 Joshua

3 William

4 Lachlan

5 Thomas

6 James

7 Daniel

8 Noah

9 Ryan

10 Ethan

Top 10 girls Names for 2006

1 Chloe

2 Charlotte

3 Ella

4 Emily

5 Olivia

6 Jessica

7 Isabella

8 Mia

9 Sophie

10 Sienna

However, Nicole seems did not like it that much because she want find a particular list of baby names.

So I keep on searching until I find out this tiny software(Find more on my blog):

I download a free trial version pass it to Nicole. Two days later, Nicole said she like it very much because she can:

* Search By Meaning

* Search By Origin

* Search By Multiple Criteria

Cool, so when we have our maternity leave party for Nicole, we brought this software to her. She is so happy because the package not only contain a software, it is also has some free book as well.

Last Friday, I get an email from Nicole and she said she got a healthy baby and an elegant name through the software:) I feel so happy for her because I think the name she choose is a great one when i get the baby’s picture.

Wish you good luck and find your lovely list of baby names.

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