Parties Vivian | 24 Oct 2010 10:52 am

Magic Tricks You Can Do At Your Next Party

One of the most enjoyable parties is one where a magician performs a show and does a few illusions. What is even better is when he or she includes the audience and uses a child.

Children of all ages and yes, I mean adults too are amazed and baffled by the unknown of the illusion of a magic trick. They know in the back of their mind that this is a slight of hand but figuring out the tactics and quick maneuvers are the intriguing part.

If you want to do a magic show at your home you can be the magician. You just need to learn a few tricks first. Gather all your materials and have them on a small table next to you or have an assistant help you with handing you or providing the materials you need.

Learn a few magic tricks and practice them so you become good and no one can figure out your trick.

Here are a few favorite tricks to try for a birthday party.

Here are two cute tricks you can do. The first one is the magical appearing coin behind the ear trick.

Take a small piece of clear tape and stick it to the very top of a coin and onto your finger. This should not cover the whole coin and on both sides only the top of the coin and and small amount on your finger. Tape the coin on the inside of your hand and don’t let your audience see the coin. Hold your hand loose but a little folded so no one will see the coin. Now reach behind someone’s ear and use your thumb to flick the coin upward into your fingertips and pull your hand back to let them see the coin. Don’t flick too hard or the coin will fly off your finger with the tape attached. Practice this so you become good.

Tell your audience you can make a nickel pass through a hole the size of a penny.

The second easy trick is to take a small piece of paper and two coins like a penny and nickel. Track the penny in the middle of the piece of paper with a pencil and using a scissors carefully cut out only the hole. Make sure you cut exactly the size of the penny. Show your audience what you just did and that the penny fits but not the nickel. Now fold the paper in half and place the nickel inside the fold and squeeze the top two corners towards each other. The nickel will fall through.

A last trick that will annoy many adults is to place two coins in your hand and tell the audience that there are two coins and the add up to 26 cents but one is not a penny and let them try to figure out what it is. When you finally open your hand you will show them a quarter and a penny. Your audience will feel deceived but you can tell them that you said one of the coins was not a penny.

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