Babies-Toddler Vivian | 31 Aug 2010 04:13 pm

Make a Diaper Cake As Special Gift For Babies

Do you want to hear the compliments months after your baby shower party? Then make a diaper cake, which attracts the attention as well as which becomes a special gift to your newborn. If you are among those, who do not know the tips for making a diaper cake as a special gift, you can refer to several pictures, articles and recipes by logging onto Internet sites, which provide the systematic details about the same.

Essentially, for making a diaper cake as a special gift, you need to acquire numerous diapers. You may use cloth diapers or normal diapers too. However, the number of diapers depends on the size and tiers of the diaper cake. You have to tie the diapers in cylindrical pattern and then assemble them into various cake tiers. Pin those using safety pins, and tie colorful ribbons, satin fabric, lace, crocheted lace, cord and wool. Next, stack the tiers one over other.

Finally, you need to decorate the diaper cake with different gift items that are useful for baby or for expectant mom. For making a diaper cake, include baby items such as baby shampoos, soothers, bibs, stuffed toys, rattles, baby bottles and powders. You may even tuck each item in a nappy and then wrap it.

Use Creativity:

Use your imagination and creativity, when you think of making a diaper cake as a special gift. For instance, make your cake as a diaper wreath, purse shape, high-heeled boot, or teddy gear sake to make it as a special gift.

You can also make your theme-based diaper cake. If you are sport fanatic, opt for sport themed cake. If you like skiing, decorate the cake using miniature cozy items such woolen scarves, mittens, skis, and ski rods. You can also make these items from cardboard. Next, label the diaper cake.

Thus, diaper cakes are memorable and fun gifts. Moreover, they are healthy substitute to standard cakes. So, refer to the details as mentioned above and make a diaper cake as a special gift on your own.

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