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Make Crepe Paper Flowers with Meaning

Your crepe paper flowers can have meanings just like the real ones. Make your flowers and look up what the meaning is for your flower and add a tag that tells the receiver of the flower what is in your heart. This is a good way to let loved ones know your true feelings or maybe even someone that you would like to make amends with and give them a nice surprise by sending them something you have made, make some crepe paper flowers and send a message.

These are some of the flowers I found the meanings for and some of the flowers we thought you might like to know the meaning of so you can use them, when you make your crepe paper flowers and then you can give your flowers with meaning.

Here is a list of some of the flowers and their meanings:

Amaryllis: This flower means radiant beauty, and the beauty emanates from the inside and flowers outward as you can see when making these beautiful paper flowers. This is a beautiful winter flower make some for Christmas time weddings.

Anemone: With this flower you can send a message of hope, because it has a meaning of soothing calm as overcoming adversity and anxiety. Make paper flower anemones to add calm for you, and then send a bouquet of them to someone whose life is in turmoil. It can also mean anticipation.

Aster: The aster represents patience, so if you want to thank someone for being patient with you in a trying time or if someone needs your patience make him or her a bunch of paper flower asters. The aster is also the flower for the month of September.

Carnation: These flowers represent the best qualities of pride. So make some crepe paper flower carnations that you can be proud of and give them to the one that you want to know how proud you are of them. This is the birth flower for the month of January.

Gladiolus: The gladiolus was originally given to victorious roman gladiators, which was the reason for the name. So through the years the gladiolus has become known for its strength. So make some of these beautiful crepe paper flowers and put them in your home to show your strength for whatever comes in life. Then make some and give them to someone who has been victorious in something they have accomplished in their life. The birth month for this flower is August.

Hyacinth: The hyacinth has come to symbolize love over long stretches of time. So when someone you know has an anniversary after several years of marriage then make them a bouquet of these beautiful flowers and give them this beautiful arrangement to show them how much you admire them for the time they have endured together.

Hydrangea: This radiant flower symbolizes earnestness. The hydrangea can be a symbol of anything from joy to grief. So maybe someone has had a baby make them a blue hydrangea for a boy or a pink one for a girl to congratulate them on their new arrival or maybe someone you know has had a loss of someone or something so make a paper flower hydrangea in blue to tell them how sorry you are to hear of their loss.

Iris: The iris has many meanings such as faith, hope, wisdom, royalty, and passion these are but a few of what they can be used for. They are beautiful flowers that can be made in about any color to show what you feel. The paper flower iris is a beautiful addition to any bouquet. This is the flower for the month of February.

Lily: The lily represents a wish for happiness, excitement, and prosperity. Make crepe paper flower lily bouquets and send them to someone that you are wishing to be happy or to have a lot of prosperity in their lives. This birth flower is for the month of May.

Orchid: The orchid has become the symbol of beauty, wealth, and love. Send a beautiful paper flower orchid to the one you love to show them how you feel about them and that you also took the time to make a beautiful paper flower orchid just for him.

Peony: This is the flower of romance and prosperity and it is regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. These flowers can also contain a special message from a secret admirer so if you receive a bouquet of peonies from someone without a name you will know what they mean.

Rose: The rose traditionally is a symbol of love, but the different colors impart a little different meaning for each one:

窢Red rose: Is known for love and romance and a great way to say “I Love You.”

窢Pink rose: These are a symbol of grace and elegance. This is a way of expressing your admiration of someone you care for.

窢Yellow rose: A yellow rose brings a feeling of warmth and happiness as a feeling of friendship toward someone.

窢White rose: This represents innocence and purity and is associated with marriages and new starts.

窢Orange rose: Orange roses bring on a meaning of passion and excitement with an expression of a fiery romance.

窢Lavender rose: This beauty is a perfect sign of enchantment. Traditionally used to express feelings of love at first sight.

Hopefully the meaning of these different colors of roses will help you to decide what color that you will make your crepe paper roses and for the one you will be sending them too.

Sweet Pea: This beautiful sweet smelling flower has come to represent travel. So if you know someone that is taking a trip you might want to make him or her a bouquet of sweet peas to send along with them.

Tulip: It has long been a renewing hope of spring, and the tulip is a lovely sign of light and hope. Make paper flower tulips when it is dreary and send a bouquet to help brighten up someone’s day.

These are just some of the flowers and there meanings, so if you want to send a message to someone why not make some paper flowers and send them along with a short message to tell your loved one or friend what you are feeling today. This will also help you to figure out what your own feelings are while you are making these beautiful flowers, and it will also give you time to think out what you really want to convey with these beautiful crepe paper flowers.

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