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Making a Birthday Unique With a Theme

Whether you’re 1-month old, 4, 25 or 52 years old, a birthday is always a special celebration. Unbeknownst to you, as your birthday roll around, your friends and family are probably pestering you to throw a birthday party! The surprising thing is that surprise parties are almost a thing of the past simply because they’re so easy to predict these days. Whenever it’s near your birthday and you can’t get any of your friends on the phone, suddenly your brother’s got an important meeting in some far off unheard-of country and your mother can’t cancel her bridge game, you know somethings up, don’t you? The really good type of birthday parties is the ones that everyone sits down and plans together. Or a birthday party with a theme, I guess.

Sticking To What Works

The pajama party always works with girls. And not surprisingly, the pajama birthday party concept or theme works regardless of how old you are. Well, maybe if you’re fifty-nine and above, you might change it from pajama birthday party to bridge birthday party. Tubs and tubs of ice-cream and stacks upon stacks of DVD work too. The only thing is the cleaning up tomorrow morning….which I usually call the cleaning lady up tomorrow for a good clean-up.

For the guys, simple is the key. Round the guys up at your place, order lots of alcoholic drinks, if there’s no game playing on television, grab lots of DVDs on your way back from work and there you have it….a birthday party!

A themed birthday party

Kids are not the only ones who likes to have themed birthday parties and the only difference between an adult one and a kids birthday party is the….well, theme. For kids, they might like to have Princess Birthday Party or Dinosaur Land Birthday Party; but for us grownups, the Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, American Idol birthday party would be more like it.

I guess you can still go for the Hawaiian theme or Star Wars but it is kind of predictable by now. I suggest you use a theme that is generally well received and then use it as your birthday party theme. This reminds me of the time I had a ‘Friends (the series) Birthday Party’ for one of my friends. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Rachels we had at the party and only one Phoebe. Nevertheless, it was incredibly fun!

I plan to put a lot of birthday party ideas and stuff and ideas that you can use for your birthday party in my website. Be sure to head on over and bookmark the page! I promise you that it will be more than just eye-candy!

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