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Man Brags About Having 6 Kids – One Is A Drug Dealer And One Has A Mental Genetic Disorder

Many men base their value on how many kids they have produced and whereas this may be a way to evaluate the strength of their genetics, often they do a complete disservice to their communities, our society and this civilization. How so you ask? Well, over the past many years, I have had the opportunity in retirement to travel the nation by way of motor coach and have stopped into many small towns and discussed local, regional and national issues.

Humans are an interesting lot, in that they do so enjoy talking about themselves, and as a writer it pays me to listen to what they have to say. One thing that I have indeed noticed is that many men brag about how many kids they have fathered. Usually, six is the largest number these days that you hear only occasionally do you hear fathers brag about having more than that. But let’s take that six offspring figure and figure out the reality of it all.

We know it takes about $250,000 to raise a kid and so a gentleman with 6-kids needs to make about $1.5 Million Dollars over a 15-year period to support them correctly. In all my travels only a few men that I have met make enough money to properly support 6-kids, and about half have a stay at home mom. In other words, most of these men who have produced all these offspring cannot support the families they have made properly.

Guess who has to make up the difference? You and I, yep, the tax payers, so when a man brags about having six kids, rather than giving him a congratulations, look him in the eyes and ask him the serious questions. Last time I did this, I found that the man had six kids, the oldest son was now the local town drug dealer and the youngest son had a mental genetic disorder.

The son with the mental issues, costs alone $85,000 per year say research experts and the drug dealer son, is a total criminal. Who is going to pay for this? And what about all those kids they have produced in between, whose paying for them when they go astray.

Having six kids is not to be honored, good parenting is. Good decision making is and having six kids on a humble salary is not wise thinking. And as a tax payer, I am blown away that this gentleman and his family are asking me to foot the bill for the difference – you have to be kidding me.

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