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May Day Celebration – Traditional And Contemporary Ways

Spanning back to centuries we can track the origin of May Day – a day for celebration back in the period when Christ was not born. Like many other ancient festivals May Day too has a connection to the Pegan culture. May 1st was the second most vital holidays of the year for the Druids of the British Isles, since it was when actually the festival of Beltane held. It was believed that May Day (May 1st) divided the year into half – the other half to be ended with the Samhain on 1st day of November. It was those days when May Day customs was actually setting of new fire and New Year rites used to be held all over the world.

The fire itself was believed to lend life and purity to the springtime sun and cattle was made to rush through the smoke for purification. Men used to walk through the smoke along with their soul mates with a hope to be blessed with good luck.

With the passage of days, celebration of May Day had subtle twists. By Middle Ages the English village had its Maypole, the bringing of which from the woods used to reveal loads of scopes for merrymaking.

Time has changed; so the way of celebrating the day too. It is celebrated each year through generosity and support of millions of generous Americans as days grow longer and blooming of buds. There are May Day marches and rallies held out in the various part of the country. The Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group is organizing a grand May Day march at the the famous Brewhouse Yard gardens, located near the Castle, Nottingham.

There are many other rallies and marches across the nation and the ways of celebration have got a modern flavor. But even today celebration of May Day is still having a touch of ancient culture and tradition. Even today Maypole is still one of the major features of the May festivities with distinctive interpretations. But whatever way you look at it the theme of the May Day celebration is all about celebrating the renewal of life with new hopes, new dreams and new resolutions. In many parts of the country May Day flower baskets are made and treats are left at the thresholds of the loved ones as a token of good wishes and love to strengthen the bondage and to rekindle the lost touches.

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