Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 04 Jul 2011 10:26 am

Model Boats Aren’t Just Toys

As people age it seems that they have less toys. Some people look forward to having children so that they can play with cool toys again. Toys take on a different meaning when we’re adults and usually pertain to high ticket items such as high end cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, or even boats. While some people are not into the material things, others measure their worth by the amount of toys they have in their possession. One such item that can become a part of somebody’s life is a model boat, but make no mistake that these are not just toys.

Model boats may look at first glance like a really cool toy, but they are so much more than that. Some are to display on a shelf only and some can actually float in the water, but they all hold one thing in common. They are precious items that were built with a great deal of time and intricate details, not meant to be played with as other items in a household are. Somebody spent a lot of time building that ship, yacht, or powerboat and with all the pieces and parts you risk a disaster if you let a child or even adult play with them. It’s fair to say that most model boat builders would cringe at the thought of somebody playing with their masterpiece.

The painstaking efforts that go into building a model boat dictate that this is a show piece, something to add to a collection and display on a shelf. Whether you are an actual model boat builder or an admirer that has turned into a collector, you can appreciate what it takes to put one of these boats together. This world is all about finding a kit that includes a very detailed plan and working hard to build it until you have a fine looking boat to show off.

This hobby has become quite popular and is the subject of many a website and forum on the Internet. Rather than giving these boats to a child to play with or treating it as another toy for the adult who needs everything, consider taking up the hobby as a group activity.

With all the toys out there today, both for the child and the adult, it’s important to focus in on the ones that are meant to be played with. A model boat is something that is much better used as a show piece on a shelf rather than a toy to play with. Consider taking up the hobby or picking other toys for your collection, don’t let all the painstaking effort put into it go to waste.

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