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More Halloween Games

What better way to keep the Halloween party spirit alive can there be than to indulge yourselves in some good old fashioned family fun games. These simple to organise Halloween party games will delight the kids and keep them amused for hours. Maybe you have a big family party planned and are wondering how to amuse the kiddies; or maybe you have been put in charge of the Halloween entertainments program! Try these simple to create Halloween games to keep everyone amused.

Pin the Nose on the Witch
Find a large picture of a Witch, or use your one of the large jointed Witch cut outs that will be available in your local outlet. Cut out, from thin card a Witch’s nose and colour in including warts and hairy moles which will be handed to each of the players in turn once the position is marked. Alternatively cut one nose for each player. This is an adaptation of the kiddies’ favourite of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and a prize is given in this version to the person who places their nose nearest to that on the background. This game can be further adapted to pin the bolts on the monster or pin the fangs on the vampire and so on.

Find the Missing Halloween Treats
A great memory game for children of all ages. Using your computer and printer, or a simple Halloween themed colouring book, generate a page of random selection of Halloween treats or items normally associated with Halloween. Duplicate this page a remove a selection of the items. The complexity of the design and the number of items on the sheet as well as the number removed can be altered depending on the age of the players. The game is played by giving each child (or adult!) a copy of the complete sheet, allowing them to study it for a time, again dependant on the age of the player. At the end of this period, the sheet is swopped for the second page and each player has to draw/write or shout-out [your choice] what item is missing. Nice trick is to actually theme this so that each missing item can be given as the prize.

Halloween Word Mix-Up
All of the Halloween words have become mixed up and need to be unscrambled. Create a simple list of well-know Halloween words and jumble the letters up. These should form a column on the left hand side of the page and space should be created on the right for the correct spelling to be written in. The complexity of the words can be adjusted based upon the age of the players. Prize can be awarded for either the first to complete them all correctly, or for everyone who completes the challenge.

With just a little planning and imagination you can remove some of the stress of the Halloween party by preparing these games in advance. Halloween is a magical time to spend some quality time with friends and family especially the children and therefore any preparation you can complete before hand will make the party day less of a hassle. No sales pitch to follow, whatever you do to celebrate Halloween have a great time and be safe.

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