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Name Your Perennials and Flowers

Name the Flowers.

We make perfumes scented after them, deodorants to have fresh underarms, press them, dry them, many things can be done with flowers but do you ever think of the names of such foliage? Flowers are quite beautiful to the human mind but behind the charm of the flora are the names that verge them too. When you look up these meaning be sure you are sending the right message to the right person. When placing an order on flowers look up the meanings before so you can know whether you have the right flower for a daughter, mother or ex-wife.

Roses are the flowers of beauty, and in fact they are. The root word for a rose is Rosa meaning just that, beauty. Never send yellow roses to a loved one, you wouldn’t want them looking up that they mean Infidelity, or you’d have a heck of a mess when you get home. You know that tingly sensation you get when drinking peppermint tea? Well descried it more as warmth of feeling as to match the meaning of the plant’s name. Some are more puzzling such as pomegranate meaning Foppery or tuberose meaning Voluptuousness.

The history of flower’s names come from the “days of yore” and are many times given ethical illustrative meanings. An old art-form is interpreting the meanings of such flowers and being able to know them. Many olden-time people had to know the meaning of a flower’s name in order to treat sickness you wouldn’t want to give a plant to a sick person than has the meaning of “burning.”

Flower’s names originate from its distinct characteristics to its deep mythology. Flowers, even though you may not realize it are enriched with symbolic meaning. You may just see them as attractive flora but even friendship can be expressed with Ivy. Watch out what message you are sending to someone by not even saying anything, speak the language of the flowers as you send different meanings to different people. Look at these dazzling gems in a different light as you experience Floriography.

Flowers give us a lot of different things besides just the typical gorgeous aroma or look. They can be used for many things other than just arrangements, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. You can also use flowers to make your yard look gorgeous and with the right ones you can make your yard look like a well professionally landscaped yard that is the envy of all your neighbors, friends and family. At nurseries, they provide you with a large vast selection so that your yard can look amazingly gorgeous and full in bloom at various times of the year. They take pride in their products inspecting each one before it leaves their nursery to ensure high quality products.

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