Parenting Vivian | 04 Apr 2011 02:52 am

Natural Remedies For ADHD

This is our story with natural ADHD remedies. We’ve tried many alternatives and I would like to share what worked for us. Three out of our five adopted kiddos have either ADHD or ADD including our baby (who has a long list of health concerns). However, it is the sensory integration disorder that makes life difficult in trying to deal with his ADHD. He is sensitive to smells and textures in his mouth. His body will physically reject it. It took us a few tries with different meds before we were aware that he could not swallow his pills.

Honestly, I’ve tried everything I know by hiding it in different foods. He couldn’t swallow, and tasted the bitterness. Then we looked at the patch. It was only available in the stimulant form and came at a cost. Our son became combative when the patch began to wear off. Not good.

I then began to research online homeopathic remedies which led me to several different natural ADHD remedies. We decided to give one a try. All natural ingredients but it took three weeks before results could be seen. So we tried it.

Amazing results. I have just ordered my second bottle. My son is doing great at school and his frustration level is way down. His meds are in droplet form. He will even add the drops to his own beverage, and he drinks it right down. He’s happy – - I am thrilled. You might consider doing what we did by looking into one of the natural ADHD remedies.

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