Babies-Toddler Vivian | 25 Mar 2011 01:39 am

Newborn Hair Accessories

From the first moment your little girl is born, most hospitals will paste a tiny little bow upon her forehead; using no more than a saline based jelly. However, like many parents have found; it can be fairly difficult to replicate this adorable first-time hair accessory. However, you aren’t alone in your quest for the simply adorable accessory for your little girl. When it comes to a newborn’s choice in hair accessories, it is nearly limitless. From simple bows, to more ornate headbands. Many retailers both online and off, are now offering a huge variety of hair accessories for you to choose from. While they may be simple to find, it is fairly difficult to find a stand-alone bow for your little girl; that can stand up to the frailty of her hair.

Most bows that are purchased from mass-market retailers, simply don’t stay put; often times it is a fight to keep them in for mere minutes. However, several online retailers and baby specialty shops are offering a higher quality item; bows that are non-slip even in the finest of infant hair. While there are non-slip bows available, it can be fairly difficult to find anything that isn’t meant for main-stream society. Most bows and headbands being available in only pastel pinks and purples; however if you are anything like me, you may wish to dress your child in a more alternative fashion. That is where web-sites like this one come in, offering a selection of alternative and unique hair accessories for your little princess. Things such as skull and crossbones bows, all the way down to a rich coloration of headbands; that will complement that band logo one piece with ease.

When it comes to selecting a headband, it is important for you to find one; that isn’t going to be too tight around your infant’s head. While it poses no known risk of hurting your infant, please keep in mind that your child’s skull is still soft and supple after birth. For this reason, it is suggested to find a headband that is slightly larger than you may think you would need; while still securing to your child’s head without slipping, it doesn’t cut into the skin. The safety of course also goes for bows for your infant, as the clip shouldn’t cause pain when it is placed in your child’s hair. You should steer clear of anything that could possibly pose a strangulation threat, things such as loose ribbons tied around your child’s head once. These items can easily come un-done, and can hurt your child.

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