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Not Your Grandmother’s Way to Cloth Diapers

It is extremely likely that your Grandma used cloth diapers to diaper her children. You may have even heard some of the stories of washing, drying, messes and pinning. Today’s diapers are so different. For starters there are the many different kinds. But that isn’t the only thing. There no longer has to be pinning. No sticking your finger or your baby. Don’t get me wrong some moms still like to use pins and are very good at it. Personally I’m not good at pinning and so I’m really excited about the changes in ways to keep the diaper all together.


For starters there are Velcro like tabs. These tabs are often called hook and loop closures in the cloth diapering world. They are the closures that are most like using disposables. They are the fastest and arguably the easiest closures to have. There is a downside to them though. Over time, they can wear out. They can get frayed and loose their grip. The other downside is that older babies and toddlers can easily undo them. Soon you have a little one streaking through your living room.

Another type of closure are snaps. Snaps are the top choice for many moms because they are not easily undone by toddlers. They are an easy and efficient way to close up the diaper. They don’t wear out like the hook and look closures either. The downside to snaps is that they do not allow for fit options that hook and loop allows. There are certain places for the snaps, and that is where they stay. The hook and loop allows for some options in fit.

The option that is used for prefold diapers is a snappi. The snappi replaces pins. The snappi is a three armed device. On the end of each arm are teeth that grab hold of the cloth diapers. No poking, no stabbing, just grabbing. They are a great alternative to pins.

Each type of closure has it’s own benefits and downsides. Try each one for yourself and find the right fit for you and your baby.

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