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Nuby Replacement Spouts

I am a grandmother who has used Nuby sippy cups for many years and my family and I think they are the best for price and functionality.?I was throwing out the sippy cups when the spouts would wear out and I felt badly about doing so because it takes plastic many years to dissolve in landfills.?Then I discovered that Luv ‘n Care, the manufacturer of Nuby products,came out with Nuby replacement spouts for their 10 oz Nuby sippy gripper cups.?/p>

The newest nuby replacement spouts are a better quality of silicone and as such, they seem to be stronger and hold up for a longer period of time. The older spouts were a bit softer and the spout valves seemed to break more easily. There were no reinforcements on the inside of the spout like there are now. In addition, the spouts are made of silicone and are BPA or bisphenol A free.

The Luv n Care company still requests that parents closely monitor their children while they are using the Nuby sippy cup replacement spouts. If a baby or toddler is teething, they have a tendency to chew on the spouts. In turn, although the spouts are touted as being leak proof and spill proof, once the spout valve is broken inside, the sippy cups will begin to leak.

Having personally used these sippy cups for my children and now for my newest grand child who is now 13 months old, I have tried numerous times to make the cups leak. They did leak when I put the lid on wrong. The new Nuby replacement spouts have notches on them. Those notches have to line up with the notches that are on the rim of the lid that screws onto the sippy cup. If you don’t line up the notches and you don’t screw the lid on correctly, you may have a problem. Otherwise, I have tried to make these sippy cups leak by shaking them rather violently and they do not leak if you follow the directions.

The Nuby replacement spouts seemed to last about a month when my granddaughter started teething and had actual teeth erupting. I always check the spout valves now to make sure she isn’t breaking them as she bites and I never leave her alone with any sippy cup. I don’t want her to choke on her milk either.

The Nuby replacement spouts are very hard to find but there may be some Walmart stores carrying them and if not, some of the Baby Depot Stores within Burlington may carry them. Other wise, you can find them on the internet by visiting the resource box below.

If you ever purchase any Nuby product that you have a problem with, Luv n Care customer service is wonderful and they will make every attempt to help correct the problem. You can reach them at their corporate offices in writing or by phone at:

Luv N Care

2805 Saint Charles Ave

Monroe, LA 71201

Find out more about Nuby sippy cup replacement spouts by visiting

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