Crafts-Hobbies Vivian | 26 Feb 2010 08:49 am

Online Beading Business Creates Profit From Craft

Bead enthusiasts are passionate about their craft. Many spend hundreds of dollars on beads, findings, and beading patterns. It stands to reason that a beading business can make a lot of money. With marketing skills and a quality supplier, anyone can create profits from crafts with an online beading business.

Catering to the desires of the bead crafting community takes dedication. There are quite a few big-name jewelry-making suppliers out there to compete with. Utilizing their business models to create your own beading business only works if you have wholesale bead suppliers available to you.

There are other ways to start your own bead-craft website and make money from it. Many artists and craftspeople make their own jewelry and sell it online. Some use e-commerce websites and internet marketing techniques while others focus on Ebay and Etsy, two popular online auction venues.

If selling completed jewelry pieces is not what you want to do, you can still create a beading business with affiliate programs. Join an affiliate program of one of the more popular jewelry supply companies and offer their products from your own website. You can earn a commission every time a product sells.

How can you compete with the big names in beading? In order to attract attention on the internet, you need an angle that can be marketed to a specific niche of shoppers. The beading niche is large and it can be difficult to target all of them. One of the more popular searches in the niche is for free beading projects. If you can offer project directions accompanied by material product links to the beads and findings necessary for each project, you can build a great beading business online.

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