Gardening Vivian | 27 Apr 2011 02:26 pm

Organic Gardening – For the Environment and Your Health

One of the most popular past-times in the world is gardening. This is because people are more worried about what is in, or on the food they buy at the market. By being able to grow your own vegetables you can be certain that the foods you are eating are nutritious, and contain no harmful chemicals.

The Media is starting to pick up organic gardening and putting it into the mainstream. Gardening has become the hot topic around the world and it isn’t only the youth that are talking about it. People today are trying to be healthier and they are realizing that we need to protect our environment. With these thoughts on people’s mind they are turning to organic products. The people that are now growing organically on their own are no longer the health freaks or the hippies on the fringe. The same people that are buying from the store on a regular basis are turning to growing their own as an alternative.

Do these people really know what growing organic means though?

For some the definition is different. How I was taught though is that organic gardening is gardening without the use of any artificial chemicals at all in any part of my garden. Unfortunately for many it is very difficult to garden with no chemicals involved at any level. That is okay though we can be much healthier and greatly diminish our use of chemicals. When people take the time to go out and make sure everything that they use is organic they get great results.

How does one go about gardening organically for the first time and get harvests that result in good pure food? Learning to nurture a sick plant back to health is an adventure for the first time. But by taking chemicals out of use we will have healthier plants and leaning how to garden effectively will be easier. Gardening can be easy since some of these plants can take some abuse; mostly they just need room to grow, water and light.

Once we remove chemicals from our gardening we can start improving our own health. Organic gardening is growing these plants the way nature intended, they way they grew before we started making these chemicals. We are just mimicking nature in our best way. That doesn’t mean we haven’t learned anything throughout the years to get better results but Mother Nature has been our best teacher. Follow her lead an you wont be disappointed.

Remember these plants have been around for thousands of years now so relax a bit, these plants can grow themselves. Organic gardening is just a smarter way to grow; it will improve our food and bodies putting our health and the planets health in a better place.

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