Babies-Toddler Vivian | 25 Feb 2011 02:13 am

Parenting Tip – Is Your Baby Ready For Solid Foods?

One of the most important things you can ever do for your child is give them a healthy start to eating right. This begins in infancy but especially when they first begin solid foods. If you begin solid foods too early, you can set your child up for a higher risk of developing food allergies or even other allergies in their life. You are also preventing them from getting the proper nutrients that they need for a healthy start in life. Starting solid foods before your child is ready can also increase their risk of choking and danger while eating.

All of these reasons are why it is so important to know when your child is ready for solid foods. Every baby is different so there is no exact “magic” age that you can use but usually around 6-8 months of age is a good time to start it. At this age, you should then see if your baby is able to hold their head up without support. If not, they’re not ready for solids yet.

Other signs are if your child is showing interest when other people in your house eat, makes chewing motions with her mouth when you eat and other signs of interest in food. It’s suggested that you start with soft baby cereal and see how your baby responds. You can add more water to make it runnier so that your baby is better able to eat it. Thicken it up over time as your baby adjusts to it.

Knowing when your baby is ready for solid foods is a very important thing to learn as a parent. If you have any questions about feeding your baby, always discuss it with your pediatrician.

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