Parenting Vivian | 19 Jun 2011 12:26 am

Parenting Tips on How to Enhance the Parent-Child Relationship by Talking With Your Child

When you get so upset in your own feelings and being wrapped up in what you have to say, that very often you ignore your little one’s feelings and reactions completely. When you are set in such a frame of mind, you tend to just rail away at your little one, lecture him about what he has done or forget to do. As a result, he will be completely tuned out and would have no idea what you are trying to say.

That is not communication but a disconnection, and your parent-child relationship will be at risk. As a parent, you can take the following actions to make communication adjustment to enhance this relationship.

  • Take the time to assess your communication pattern and understand where the problem lies.
  • Find out where your communication hot buttons are and work to keep your cool when talking with your children, after all it is you who fix the tone for the conversation.
  • Assess your patience level. At times your he may seem antagonistic. This may or may not be the case. You need to find out the real reason to determine that he is trying to annoy you. It could be that he needs your approval; your attention; your care. More often than not, children that seem to be acting out are simply seeking for your attention.
  • Improve your listening skill to hear what he has to say and not brush him off.
  • Consider the kind of language you are teaching him when you are interacting with him. Are you using words appropriately? Are you impatient? Do you raise your voice? Your child picks these up from you very quickly.

When you are tempted to talk ‘at’ your child, take the time to assess your mental state. Are you tired? Stressed? Have you listened and understood what he is trying to tell you? Are you just lecturing with no clear ideas as to what he has just said to you?
?br>If this is the case, STOP yourself and reframe your mind. Listen carefully to what he has to say and spend the time to have an actual conversation with him. You may be surprised.

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