Parties Vivian | 31 May 2011 11:52 pm

Party Mistakes For Hosts

When you’re the host, there are so many things to consider, from invitations and the guest list to the menu and the music. Don’t make etiquette mistakes that will ruin the party for everyone; learn what not to do to have a wonderful party.

Guest List. When you are compiling the guest list, be aware of any guests who might not be compatible, whether they are exes, bosses or simply people who just don’t get along. Make sure you choose guests who will interact well together and who will keep the event lively. Invite a reasonable number of guests; too many or too few can create an atmosphere you weren’t looking for.

Menu. When you are planning the food for a party, it is your responsibility to think about what your guests will like. Avoid serving taboo foods to people with known allergies or religious food restrictions. If your party is serving alcohol, be sure to have some non-alcoholic alternatives for those who choose not to drink. Be aware when you are serving alcohol that you don’t let your guests drink too much, as you can be liable for accidents caused by your guests while intoxicated.

Socialization. As host, it’s up to you to make sure that your guests are comfortable and having fun. Don’t assume that guests are going to open right up and get to know each other. Make introductions and find common ground enough to make guests comfortable, and keep checking throughout the event to make sure nobody is feeling left out.

Attitude. The worst thing a host can do at a party is to become overstressed and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Becoming upset at spills or mistakes that happen will only bring the party down, so treat everything with a sense of humor. Chances are, you are the one most bothered by any particular incident. If you can laugh it off, you and your guests will enjoy the evening more.

Goodbyes. Don’t make the mistake of allowing guests to linger longer than you had planned. While you don’t want to make guests feel as if they are being rushed out the door, your party is not necessarily an all-night event, either. Allow guests to take the hint that it’s time to leave by helping them gather their coats, offering a last cup of coffee or boxing up leftover food for them to take home.

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