Parties Vivian | 04 Sep 2010 05:52 pm

Party Planning Basics – Menu

Every party deserves to have great food served to its guests. It is usually one of the largest budget items for any party and yet it can somehow be overlooked till the last minute. Take some time at the beginning stages of planning your party and you will be ahead of the game.

Choosing your menu very much depends on what type of party you are hosting and who your guests are. Some time should be spent on trying to figuring out just what kind of party you are having. Is it a cocktail party for adults or a fifth birthday party for a child? Or maybe a wedding shower or baby shower?

A cocktail dinner will probably require some passed hors d’oeurves and a sit down meal. A children’s birthday party calls for the favorite foods of the birthday child to be served. A wedding shower or baby shower menu may call for a buffet of food.

Consider your budget. Are you able to have the party catered or will you need to do most of the food preparation yourself? Will family and friends be bringing food with them to the party? In some families people think nothing of bringing a dish to share while in others they would never consider it. If catering is not an option, consider asking a friend to help you prepare the food. Alternatively you may be able to contact a local culinary school and see if any students would be willing to help at a lower cost than a professional.

As important as the food is deciding what you will serve the food on. Paper plates and cups are very suitable for just about any party. A fancy dinner party calls for finer dinnerware though. Use the beautiful china that you received for your wedding. If you do not have any though, the caterer may be able to provide some or you could look for a rentals in your area. Don’t forget to get plenty of napkins and skewers for appetizers.

At the end of your menu planning session you should have a good idea of what type of food you want to serve, a shopping list, and items to look into. The food should definitely enhance your guest’s party going experience. Proper planning will help you obtain a great menu.

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