Parties Vivian | 14 Jun 2011 11:26 am

Party Planning – Choosing the Event That Will Be a Moneymaker For You

There is No Business like the Party Business!

Event Party Planning is all about choosing the right event for you. So, what I am talking about is the first in the steps to having a successful Party Planning Business.

Here is the rub about Party Planning Success; While it is tempting to take whatever the job that is offered initially, (trust me, we have all been there!) you ALWAYS have to look at the big picture. What are your goals for your business and where do you want to be with your business? Essentially, why did you get into business and what were your goals when you decided to get into the business?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to be a Party Planner and if you want to take beginning Party Planning jobs to “Get your feet wet” then, by all means, do so, but always have in mind your ultimate goal as to what aspect of the Party Planning business you want to develop; Corporate Events? Kids Parties? Family-Themed Parties? High-End Fundraisers? The list is endless.

It is certainly OK to learn the ropes with small Events that help you hone your craft, but you have to make money because that is why you are in business.

Let’s talk the economy a bit, shall we? I am not one to become involved with the whims of a fickle economy and I certainly don’t need anybody telling me how to live my life. As a Party Planner, many in the industry have asked about the overall business outlook for Planners.

In one word…It Is Good! OK, so that is three words. The point is, no matter what the economy, Party Planners thrive. So, back to the initial thought…Pick an Event that is a Money Maker for you.

You see a great Planner will always know how to optimize budgets that is why, even in a more challenging economy, Planners can sell their services on the very notion that they can save a company money because of their expertise.

So the importance of being selective is, in the long run, vitally important. You must define who you are as a business person and choose the area of expertise that will always keep your creative juices flowing. In the end, if you are not excited about getting up each and every day to do your Party Planning Business, then you need to re-evaluate why you do what you do.

Remember, Life is a Party, you just have to know how to Plan it!

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