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Plant Your Gardening Seeds Indoors to Get a Head Start on the Growing Season

Using gardening seeds is less expensive than buying seedling from the local garden supply center. You can start your plants indoors. Then when the weather allows it, you can plant them outdoors.
?br>You will need a box or a tray that is about three or four inches deep and roughly a foot wide and two feet long.
?br>Gardening seeds need good potting soil or peat moss or a seed raising mix from the garden supply center.
?br>Your gardening seeds should be planted about a half-inch deep or a little less and they should be planted about two inches apart as well.
?br>Water the seeds regularly to keep moist, but do not over water them. If you over water your seeds they will potentially rot and you will not have any plants grow.
?br>The box should be covered with saran wrap or a piece of glass. The reason that you do this is hold the moisture inside. It creates a greenhouse effect for the gardening seeds to germinate.
?br>Once your seeds have germinated, you can remove the cover from the box. Your seedlings can be placed near a window for stronger light at this stage.
?br>As your seedlings grow, you will need to thin them out a bit to allow the stocks to grow. Two inches apart is a good rule of thumb.
?br>Once the weather warms up outside, you can place your box of seedlings outside for part of the day. Make sure you bring them inside at night.
?br>Once the chance of frost is gone, you can start to plant the seedlings in the garden. Give them a good watering before they are transplanted, this allows a good ball of dirt to stick to the roots before transplanting.
?br>Preparing your gardening seeds in this manner is a great way to get a head start on the growing season.
?br>Having your own vegetable garden is very rewarding. Nurturing your vegetables from gardening seeds into healthy and tasty food is something that many people take great pride in achieving.

Tom has been gardening for years. He hopes to pass along his experience on such things as gardening supplies. Visit his site for more information on how to grow your own vegetables.
By T. Houser

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