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Popeye Costumes

Popeye is one of the oldest cartoon characters around. He is the star of not only cartoons, but comic books, as well. For this reason, choosing a Popeye costume will always be a popular choice. Maybe, his fame has to do with being a sailor. People love the freedom and independence that go along with being a sailor. Others love the fact that Popeye is a hero in his own right.

Although he most commonly saves his love interest, Olive Oil from harm, Popeye is a portrait of a hero. The Popeye costume is a good choice for a Halloween costume. It is also a great costume for any theme party. This costume has the authentic sailor look, that is specific to the character himself. This is a fun way to pay tribute to this famous cartoon character.

The costume includes the shirt, pants, belt, arms, and hat. Each of these items is what Popeye is most commonly known for. The shirt of this costume, is the character’s traditional black, with a red collar. This is an exaggerated sailor shirt that everyone will recognize. It has a square collar flap on it. The shirt also has the golden buttons commonly seen on Popeye.

The pants are well known for this character, as well. They the traditional royal blue pants, along with the bright yellow sailor belt. These accentuate the costume, and will allow you to step right into character. Along with the costume, you will get the arms that have made Popeye so famous. Being known for his strength, this character has to have muscle bound arms.

Your costume includes muscle arms that have an anchor tattoo. You will also get the original, looking sailor hat, which serves to complete the costume. This great costume can be accentuated with available accessories. The accessories for Popeye may be purchased separately. Some of them are must have items that really add to the overall sailor look.

One of these accessories, are the shoes of a sailor. Popeye wore very distinctive looking boots. Fortunately, these are available to go along with your costume. The Hook adult boots are a perfect match for your sailor costume. With these, you will feel and look like the real thing. Another important accessory for this character, is his pipe. Popeye was rarely seen without a pipe, so you’re going to need one to pull off your look.

This costume is available only in one size which is large adult. You will be happy with the look and feel of this sailor outfit. Many will be ordering their costumes, just in time for their events. Don’t worry! You can get your costume quickly, because of rushed shipping. In fact, if you order by 4pm Central Time, your costume can be shipped that same day. Before you know it, you will be dresses as one of the most lovable cartoon characters of all time.

And if by chance, you need a plus size costume, these are also available for you.

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