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Pregnancy in Teens a Growing Problem

Just like each pregnancy is different, so are the symptoms you will feel early in each pregnancy. It is really important to recognize the symptoms of early pregnancy as a woman of child bearing age. Now keep in mind, that what was once considered to be child-baring age is not the norm anymore. The sad fact remains that one-third of all girls get pregnant prior to their 20th birthday. That is an estimated 750,000 teen pregnancies in the United States each year.

That having been said, and as a mother myself, I thought it important to inform other mothers and young adult females of the actual symptoms of early pregnancy. I am not saying I condone or condemn anyone’s personal choices but the fact remains there is a need for more education on the topic of teen pregnancies, dealing with teen-pregnancies and choices for an expectant teen mother.

You may have to personally deal with the situation in the coming years from both the expectant mother and the expectant fathers families view. Hope that you do not have to but, in the event you have to do, I would hope there is information available on dealing with the issue.

With kids trying to be adults more these days the scary fact is someone needs to address the whole issue with the young girls in the family sooner rather than later.

Symptoms of Early Pregnancy:

昅issed or delayed menstruation
昐wollen or tender breasts
旻atigue or general tiredness
昇ausea or morning sickness
旴ack or headaches
旻requent urination
旸arkening of the Areolas
旻ood cravings

The above are the symptoms of early pregnancy. Most of them are commonly known but never the less you need to make sure your teen is aware of them if they are sexually active. Again, the statistics are frightening but it is estimated that 71.9% of all high school seniors are sexually active.

The best way to fight teen pregnancy is to keep your children informed on how to deal with peer pressure.

You can also educate them on what typically happens to teen parents, the responsibilities of being a parent, and in general, the physical toll on being pregnant and having a child.

If that does not do the job of deterring your child from being sexually active and they do become pregnant, remember your child needs your understanding and your support. The time for ruling with an iron glove is past.

Seek help from professional trained at dealing with teen pregnancy. Remember most of all, the average child may screw up but they are not a screw-up. Do not pass judgement on your child. They need you more now then ever.

Always remember, they are your children and these are times when they really need you.

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