Pregnancy Vivian | 01 Apr 2011 03:26 pm

Pregnancy Massages & Techniques For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy massages, also known as prenatal massages, are highly effective in dealing with the physical pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy. And a massage always makes you feel relaxed, so emotional stress is countered at the same time. Here, I would like to put in a word of caution. Pre-natal massages are not to be trifled with. There are specific techniques which are employed to massage pregnant women, and if it is not done properly it may lead to complications.

Pre-natal massages are different from normal massages in a few ways. First, it is important for the masseur to be familiar with the female human body and pregnancy so as not to harm the foetus accidentally. The manner in which the to-be mother is positioned is critically important for the safety of the mother as well as the foetus. Please take note that the pregnant woman should be supported with pillows and other forms of padding to provide comfort and ensure that she undergoes no undue stress. The clothing you wear depends totally on the comfort level you share with your therapist. Tight clothing is not advised.

There are several formal techniques which may be used for pregnancy massages, such as the Oriental and Swedish techniques. Neuromuscular pregnancy massages are also very popular. Qualified personnel can perform these massages safely for the women, the primary goal being easing niggles and improving the blood circulation.

Pregnancy massages have several benefits. Foremost, they provide overall relaxation of the body as well as peace of mind. They also relieve stress on the pressure joints like knees, and in general reduce the anxiety levels associated with pregnancy. Women about to give birth to multiple babies can benefit all the more from these massages. An added benefit is that pre-natal massages reduce the possibility of the occurrence of stretch marks post pregnancy.

Please note, it is recommended that you consult your gynecologist before deciding to go for pregnancy massages. Your condition may have some special complication you might not be aware of. Women with certain health conditions are advised to avoid massages. Specifically, diabetes patients and women with high blood pressure shouldn’t go for pre-natal massages, especially in the later stages.

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