Pregnancy Vivian | 07 Nov 2010 06:52 pm

Pro-Choice -The Right To Abort!

There are two distinct communities – Pro-Life which does not favor abortion at all, and Pro-Abortion or Pro-Choice which support abortion. The Pro-Choice people generally end up being denounced by most people for their radical views. It may be worthwhile to probe the reasons for the stand they have taken.

It would not do to immediately jump to conclusions whenever you hear someone talking in favor of abortions – “Oh, this person is dead against having children”! Actually, such people would never go in for an abortion themselves if the necessity ever arose, but sincerely believe that each woman should be given the right to decide for herself. So their battle is regarding women’s rights. It is entirely up to the pregnant woman what she chooses to do with her own body.

Another issue raised by Pro-Choice activists is that if a woman is forced to deliver her child, she may become so resentful about it that she scars the child emotionally for life. She definitely is not a loving and caring mother. Unlike other children who are wanted and loved by their parents, this child may end up with psychological problems, unable to even adjust socially.

Furthermore, if the pregnant woman comes from a financially unstable background, she definitely cannot provide for herself or her child. This brings on additional complications. “Should a child be born in this sort of environment?” is the question posed by Pro-Choice members.

When abortions were considered illegal, pregnant women turned to “back-alley abortionists” for help. These abortionists had no medical licenses, but were prepared to perform the procedures. The methods used were dangerous and conditions totally unhygienic, with the result that many pregnant women lost their lives. According to the figures, nearly 1.2 million illegal abortions were performed in the 1950s and 1960s. Many women died, many had their bodies seriously damaged.

Today, the scene is different. With abortion being legalized in 1973, pregnant women can go in for safe procedures performed by licensed medical practitioners. So, Pro-Choice people are quick to point out that death rates have dropped, and so have the crimes performed by back-alley abortionists.

The Pro-Choice activists can also rely on the support of economists who have been studying crime rates in the USA for years and years. With the Supreme Court ruling in favor of abortion while judging the case of Roe vs Wade, a drop in crime rate followed, and this is there for all to see!

A final word from Pro-Choice – with access to safe abortion procedures, not only have the lives of many pregnant women been saved, but it has also put a stop to the birth of unwanted and unloved children into this world.

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